The Grand Bleu De Gascogne is a noble French hound of ancient linage. They are known for their melodious voice and cold nose.

 The Grand Bleu de Gascogne has a slow methodical hunting style that just wont quit.

The Grand Bleu de Gascogne is a breed that is slow to mature. They have a puppy mindset for a long time and can take two years to mature physically. They are not a heavy breed and should not carry an extensive amount of weight. The breed is not known to have any chronic health problems. 

This is a breed that will fit in well with an active household. They are content to lie around and sleep most of the day but do need exercise. They are great jogging companions, love to run with a bicycle, or horse.
If you plan on using them for hunting they love to go to the woods and hunt for hours. The breed has been used to hunt ground game for centuries and are excellent hunters.
I do not use mine for hunting at this time. I would like to try them at some point hunting either coyotes or bobcats. I am currently working Jean Luc in obedience and tracking.

The females have a very mild heat cycle. They will only bleed for a few days and show for a week or two. They also only come into season every 8 to 12 months the first heat coming at about a year old maybe more.

As with any hunting, working breed they can be destructive if not given an outlet for their energy.